What is Slap Kabaddi? Lot of Slapping and Chaos!

Every country is bustling with rich culture — from traditions, practices, and even sets of unique games to play. It’s always interesting to learn more about a country through their locals’ most loved games, especially ones that seem particularly unfamiliar to other people at first glance. In this regard, you’ll probably be interested to know all about Slap Kabaddi, a well-known sport in Pakistan.

They say that if you’re up for a next-level challenge, then you should try Slap Kabaddi at least once. True to its name, Slap Kabaddi involves a lot of slapping and chaos, which most people are entertained by. In fact, videos of Slap Kabaddi have been going viral in the Internet space once in a while, and people are absolutely reeled in by the strangeness yet uniqueness of the game itself.

Slap Kabaddi

Slap fighting is a game that isn’t entirely new to some people and involves the art of striking another fighter with an open hand. However, one of the latest head-turning amusements that adapt the same mechanics is Slap Kabaddi.

Also known as Thappad Kabbadi, Slap Kabbadi is a sport that includes two men in traditional attire who basically only have to slap each other until one has enough. This sport is well-patronized by hordes of people watching in open spaces to witness the game.

You may wonder if the Slap Kabbadi game is as simple as it gets despite the sport’s chaotic nature. However, the strange thing is that no one seems to understand the entirety of Slap Kabaddi rules. All that is established is that the men involved should slap each other either on the face or the chest until they tap out or until a victor is determined.

The winner then wins his deserved spoils in the form of money that he receives from the persons around him. The loser has to bear the shame of walking off along with his loincloth and the specks of dust on the field. Unlike the traditional game, the word kabaddi is not repeated here.

Before or during the match, one man rub dust on his opponent as a symbol of respect and as a symbol of spoils of previous player on the field.


In line with the general overview of the Slap Kabaddi sport, you may understand the game’s mechanics better if you know adequately where it originated.

Slap Kabaddi is largely reminiscent of South Asia’s sport called Kabaddi, which is long-rooted in the history of South Asia and ancient India.

There are different variations of this popular game, each having slightly different interpretations and mechanics regarding how to go about it. Slap Kabbadi is one of these.

Below are some difference between Kabaddi and Slap Kabaddi game.

KabaddiSlap Kabaddi
Number of players in each side71
ObjectiveScore pointsTap out opponent
Time duration2 half of 20 minutesno time limit
ChantingKabaddi… Kabaddinone


In comparison with Kabaddi, Slap Kabaddi is a relatively simpler game that involves little to no rules except for incessant slapping. It’s no wonder that Slap Kabaddi has grown to be a well-loved and patronized game all over the world because of how unique it is. More than that, both Kabaddi and Slap Kabaddi remain testaments to their countries’ rich culture and heritage, a glimpse of their unparalleled diversity.