Pro Kabaddi Top Raiders of All Time

Top Raiders Image with Pardeep Narwal Rahul Chaudhari and Deepak Hooda image

You might guess that Pro Kabaddi top raiders of all time should be Pardeep Narwal. If so, we should say congratulations! You’re right! And he is also one of the most influential and decorated players in Pro Kabaddi. However, we are not to discuss Pradeep in this post but Pro Kabaddi top scorers of all time.

Who are they really? We know that Pradeep tops the list of highest raid points in Pro Kabaddi history, but what about the rest of the list? Are most of them Indians or there are other players from other nations the list?

The truth is that there are also other players from other nations on the list of Pro Kabaddi top raiders of all time, but most players on the list are from India.

And there are three players on the list who have gotten raid points-to-matches played of more than 10 meaning that the number of points has exceeded the number of their appearances by 10 points. This is a great achievement

A List of Pro Kabaddi Top Raiders of All Time

Here comes a list of top raiders in Pro Kabaddi history with Pardeep Narwal topping the list with a wide margin of more than 200 points with second position by the Rahul Chaudhari.

1. Pardeep Narwal (1160 Raid Points)

Number one and strongly number one of the list of Pro Kabaddi Top Raiders of all time, Pradeep Narewal is not only the top raiders in Pro Kabaddi history but also the only Pro Kabaddi player to successfully super raids more than 50 times.

Despite all these achievement, Pradeep’s Do-or-Die raid points are lower than other players – it’s actually fourth in the Pro Kabaddi.

Since Pradeep is still in the business and raiding, there is high probability that his Do-or-Die raid points reached higher in the future.

2. Rahul Chaudhari (955 Raid Points)

Rahul Chaidhari started as a defender than then later became raider. He is know for his flair and flamboyant style. His average raid point of 7.83 is signifincalty lower than Pradeep Narwal but changing role from defendant to raider can be atributed to this

3. Deepak Niwas Hooda (856 Raid Points)

Deepak Hoods has been one of the most consistent players in the Pro Kabaddi. His performance has been great specially in season 6 and 7. He has the highest Do-or-Die points in the history of Pro Kabaddi even more than Pardeep Narwal and Rahul Chaudhari.

4. Ajay Thakur (790 Raid Points)

Standing at 6 ft 1 in, Ajay Thakur has the fighting spirit of a warrior. He was instrumental in India’s 2016 Kabaddi World Cup win. In season 5, scored 213 points in mere 22 games.

5. Maninder Singh (731 Raid Points)

Amazing performance in season 6 and 7 with 200 raid points back-to-back. Also he was the captain of the Bengal Warrioros whem they won Season 7 title.

Maninder has 4th highest average raid point of 9.25 which led him to rank so high even though he has played only 79 matches

6. Pawan Kumar Sehrawat (682 Raid Points)

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat has the second highest Super Raids with 26 after Pardeep Narwal. He also holds the highest points in single match at 39. In season 6, he was also the leading point scorer, taking home MVP award.

7. Rohit Kumar (670 Raid Points)

Rohit has shown capability to remain calm and provide leadership to his team. He led Bengaluru Bulls to title in Season 6. He as first raider to cross 30 points in a match and even earning MVP in season 3.

8. Rishank Devadiga (624 Raid Points)

Rishank Devadiga is known for his fitness who loves to train hard. He has accumulated 624 raid points, plenty of which came from Do-or-Die raids. He also Maharashtra to Senior National Kabaddi Championship 2017-18

9. Kashiling Adake (561 Raid Points)

Top raider of the season 2, Kashling has accumulated 561 raid points. Known for his pace and flexibility which allows him to do frog jump regularly. In the recent seasons, his performance in season 6 has been average but more success expected in future.

10. Anup Kumar (527 Raid Points)

One of the smartest players in Pro Kabaddi, Anup Kumar is the only player who has led a team in three consecutive finals (season 1, season 2 and season 3). He is known for his calmness and thus nickname captain cool.

And the Full List of Pro Kabaddi Top Raiders Ever Continues as Below

The list of Pro Kabaddi top raiders of all time continues with names such as Monu Goyat and Siddharth Desai. Here comes the full list:

1Pardeep Narwal1078801395310.941160
2Rahul Chaudhari122788166247.83955
3Deepak Niwas
4Ajay Thakur115640163236.87790
5Maninder Singh79586102219.25731
6Pawan Kumar
7Rohit Kumar91548106157.44670
8Rishank Devadiga121494129255.16624
9Kashiling Adake92424103236.1561
10Anup Kumar9142133175.79527
11Monu Goyat734757376.51475
12Naveen Kumar4547362510.51473
13Jang Kun Lee106471101144.44471
14Nitin Tomar6844253106.6442
15Siddharth Sirish
16Sachin Tanwar634338846.87433
17Vikas Kandola5542381127.69423
18Sukesh Hedge100413101164.13413
19Prashant Kumar
20Shrikant Jadhav763929585.3392