Burning Kabaddi Manga & Anime | Plot | Cast and Characters | Volume Summary

Kabbadi was recently added to the manga and anime industry. Hajime Musashino’s manga Burning Kabaddi started in 2015 and has become a popular series.

Burning Kabbadi Anime by TMS Entertainment

The anime “Burning Kabaddi” was created by director Kazuya Ichikawa of TMS Entertainment. The writer in charge of the series is Yuuko Kakihara, while Mari Takada has contributed to the plot.

The background music is made by Ken Ito (»Handa-Kun«). The theme song “Fire Bird” is by Shunya, while the final song, “Comin ‘Back,” is sung by Uchida, who doubles up as the lead character: Tatsuya Hoigoshi.

The Kabaddi Anime series is based on Hajime Musashino’s Manga, featured in the Shogakukan “Manga One” Magazine from July 2015. The publisher has published 15 volumes of the comic.

The Plot

The Kabaddi cartoon trailer depicts the brutal game and the hard work that pro players have to go live through—it isn’t easy to score points in a single breath. It focuses on the famous South Asian game of Kabaddi, where you have to catch the invaders and drag them down until the victory is yours.

The trailer features the main manga character, Tatsuya Yoigoshi, Kei Iura, Masato Ojou, Kyouhei Misumi, Souma Azemichi, and Shinji Date.

Tatsuya Yoigoshi, a former soccer champ student, is invited to join his school’s club. He hates the exercise and sees the game as a joke. Even after enrolling in private Nokyo High School, he did not join club activities and spent his time as much as he wanted, but one day a solicitation for the Kabaddi club appeared to him.

However, he later changes his mind when he sees that Kabaddi can be as sophisticated as a martial arts match. Hajime Musashino’s original manga got nominated for the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shenen category. The 16th volume of the manga will be published on March 18, 2021.

Actors and characters

The much-awaited anime will premier on April 2, 2021. There have been many additions to the comic since the anime was first announced. The series, known in Japanese as Shakunetsu Kabaddi), now has three more characters: Wataru Komada, Shinichiro Kamio, and Ayumu Murase. The three new characters act as first-year students of the Kabaddi Club: Here’s a breakdown of their design and background:

  • Nobutaka Ban: He looks scary, but in reality, he is shy and with a hushed voice. Like the main character Tatsuya Yoigoshi, Nobutaka is an experienced football player, and a die-hard fan Joigoshi joined Kabaddi after seeing it live during a practice match.
  • Ryuta Seki: Ryuta is an excellent communicator and has been friends with Hitomi and Ban since childhood. He is a former sumo wrestling champion who got an invitation to join the club and left.
  • Yuki Hitomi: Yuki joined the club after a practice match. On appearances, Yuki is often mistaken for a woman.

The cast members previously identified are

Soma Azemichi (Voice by Gen Sato)

Soma Azemichi is a first-year student at Nōkin High School, the same school as the protagonist of the series Tatsuya Hoigoshi. Her parents’ workplace at home and clay lives high in the mountains, so every day of Soma’s life is like muscle training. As a result, she is powerful despite her slim figure. He played Kabaddi for one month.

Kei Iura (Voice by Makoto Furukawa)

Kei is the vice-captain of the Nōkin High School card team. He is very smart with good analytical ability. At first, he appears to be a quiet and mild person, but he is an intelligent person in reality. When the main character Tatsuya Hoigoshi joins the club, Kei sees him as a menace. He has experience of 6 years in Kabaddi.

Shinji Date (Voice by Takeuchi Shunsuke)

Shinji Date is a sophomore high school student and former experienced baseball player who retired from the industry. Planning to do something new in high school, he was invited to a kabaddi club, and he played for six months. He is endowed with a strong body and muscle strength.

Ridge Soma (Voice by Gen Sato)

Ridge is a first grader (uniform number 5). He was born on May 15, and he is right-handed. He loves art. His favorite colors are orange and brown, and his favorite season is autumn.

Ryuta Seki (Voice- Wataru Komada)

Ryuta is a first grader (uniform number 8) who joined after a practice match with Sowa High School. Height 167 cm, weight 80 kg (as per 157). He was born on June 18, a type of Gemini O. right hand. What is unique about him is his knowledge of the history of Japan.

Masato Ojo (Voice by Nobuhiko Okamoto)

Third grade. Director of Kabaddi. The same number is 1. He has a height of 171 cm and 58 kg (at MAX) (as of episode 152). He was born January 1, an AB type of Capricorn. His parents are dead, but his father, Naoto, was a representative of Kabaddi, Japan. His expertise in the history of the world and the local economy.


He is the soccer club manager and was previously aggressively soliciting Yogoshi to join his soccer club, but he wanted to support the Kabaddi club before long.


Ando is a sophomore and ace pitcher of the baseball club. He conflicted with the Kabaddi club over the right to use the old gymnasium and looked down on Kabaddi as a “minor sport,”

Manga Volume Summary

Volumes 1- 2: Ogoe Trap

Tatsuya Yogoshi, a first-year student at Nokyo High School, had an excellent record as a former soccer player but lived a life unrelated to football and other sports in general. One day, Yogoshi, who had been many times invited by Kabaddi’s first-year student, Soma Hatsudo, to watch the club’s practice, lost the match offered by Deputy Director Kei Iura and is hesitantly forced to join the club. Initially, Yogoshi made a fool of himself with Kabaddi as “Iromono Sports,” but as he continued to practice, he intervened in its beauty.

Volumes 2- 3 Nokyo High School VS Sowa High School Practice Match

NoKyo High School Kabaddi Department felt that it is necessary for the players to gain practical experience. Yue Us Ojo Masato, an old acquaintance of the Sowa high school Kabaddi Department, is asked to set up a practice match with them. After the match with Sowa High School, Nokyo High School notes that Takatani Ren is a player worth keeping.

Volume 4: World Coverage

The current chairman of the Kabaddi Association, Mizuhori New Ojo, and six winners get nominated by YoiEtsu to participate in a media interview of the Kabaddi High School team. Hoshika High School and Peak High School take part in the interview.

Volumes 4-8: Three-school Training Camps

Summer holiday, Nokyo High School hosts a training camp in partnership with Saitama Momiji High School and Eiho High School, led by Omoto and Sakura, former friends of Ojo and Iura. Encouraged by players from other schools through joint and rehearsal sports, Nokyo High School members found their guide.

This volume focuses on the game scene between Nokyo High School and Eiho High School, but not only the game but also the psychological depiction of the characters during training is drawn in detail, and the author carefully expresses each character. In volume 5, the scene where the royal castle is defeated during the practice game with Hidemine is shocking.

The director of Hidemine, Kabatake, is a person who pursues stoicism. I have an extremely high awareness that I am completely unconvinced of the brilliant achievement of being second in the country.

Volume 8: Small game

After the three-school joint training camp, Yogoshi and Hatsudo are invited by Takatani, who shows up to watch Seikai High School’s community practice. In the first half, the first Seikai High School program Shiba Mikoto collides with Yogoshi. They play a small 3: 3 game with Yogoshi and others with Deputy Director Saeki Gin’s permission. Mizuhori, while watching the end of the event at the scene, is amazed at the high level of Yogoe’s attack techniques but at the same time notes his lack of defense skills.

Volumes 8-9: Special Defensive Training

Eiji Kuno, former captain of the Japanese national team kabaddi who heard details about Yogoshi from Mizubori, becomes the coach and director of Nokyo High School. Nokyo High School’s defense changes dramatically with Kumo’s special defense training, which was considered “the strongest defense.” Evening Yue, who has been very selective about attacks until then, faces his weaknesses and challenges.

Volume 9: Opening of Summer Tournament

During the tournament lottery function, Yogoe is informed by Uto that Kabaddi did not have prequalifies and that it was in the Kanto tournament from the start. The summer tournament starts.

Volumes 9-10: Kanto Tournament B Block 1st Round, Nokyo High School VS Hakurei IS

Nokyo High School plays against Hakurei IS, whose captain is Thatji Sozono. The former athelete has appointed a powerful Yogoe as the starting line-up and has succeeded in motivating the team. However, a skilled attack using a professional captain and an outdoor pitch organization allowed for Nokyo High School’s victory.

The highlight of this volume is the depiction of each Nokyo member’s feelings for the first match. Second graders and above are prepared to cut off the loss of the first race of the year, and first graders are motivated to break through the first race. It is a detailed psychological depiction for each character and a depiction that conveys the heat in men’s hearts.

Volumes 10- 12: Kanto Tournament B Block 2nd Round, Nokyo High School VS Oyama Ritsushin High School

Nokyo High School’s opponent is Oyama Ritsushin High School, who lost in the first round of the previous winter tournament. Memories of the past emerge in the face of the other end team Misumi Kyohei and Shinji Date, but it is the whole al noKyo high school, facing the game enhances team unity. Oyama Ritsushin High School, led by a quiet ace, Tetsuo Yamato, is hunting down Nohkyo High School with the direct plan of director Kintsugu Agawa, who is a close friend of Kumo. However, Nokyo High School wins with Mizusumi and Date, now Nokyo’s defensive players using Yogoe’s tactics.

Volumes 12- 13: Kanto Tournament Block B Third Round, Sowa High School VS Saitama Momiji High School

Nokyo High School, no longer a weak primary school, quickly skipped the third round of block B. And the third round of the B block. If successful, the blockchain final against Nokyo High School will be a head-to-head clash between Sowa High School, 4th in the Kanto region last year, and Saitama Momiji High School top.

The game between Sowa School—full of aggressive men like Koji Katagiri—has never been seen in a practice match with Nokyo High School and Saitama Momiji High School. In the end, however, a Sowa High Ace Takatani high school student played a significant role and won the victory. In contrast, Sakura, a champion of the same school, vowed to humiliate her.

Volumes 14-15: Kanto Tournament Block B Final, Nokyo High School VS Sowa High School

B last block. The ticket fight to advance to the final stage is a match between Nokyo High School and Sowa High School, its rivals from the World Group era, Ojo and Rokugen, directors. From the start of the game, various strategies will be developed by the control towers of both schools, such as Nobuyoshi Ban’s surprise attacks by Nokyo High School and Iura and Takatani’s preservation Sowa High School and Sosuke Ogata.

After a raid on the royal palace and a six-string attack, Yogoe scored the most points, and Sakatan of Sowa High School launched the final attack on Nokyo High School’s lead, but it was one step closer to Yogoe’s defense and avoidance of the gap. Sowa High School is defeated. After the match’s conclusion, it is decided to introduce a video assistant referee program for each first and second half of the final league.